Putting Shit into Perspective

Being a mortician entails seeing, smelling, and being asked to do gross things. Even with that being part of the job description… it doesn’t stop cognitive dissonance.

Would you mind cleaning the crusted up blood clots from a complete stranger on the morgue table? “Sure, I’ll get to it after I finish typing this email.”

Would you mind sewing this woman’s mouth shut so the family can view her without being traumatized? “No problem.”

Our embalmer forgot to clean out the drain in the morgue sink again. Could you remove the clot of matted hair and fat that’s clogging it up? “I’ll do it after lunch.”

Do you mind cleaning the toilet at home? “……ew. Ugh. omg. …..ugh.”


5 thoughts on “Putting Shit into Perspective

  1. Talk to me after you’ve opened up a fulminating colon during an autopsy. You haven’t seen “shit” yet!

    • Exactly! If only those t.v. shows could deliver the REAL deal..and give the viewer a good whiff, as well. But, that wouldn’t be as intriguing or exciting, would it?

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