Body of Boston Bombing Suspect Finally Buried

The controversy on what to do with the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev has been going on since May 1 when he was released to a funeral home. Peter Stefan, the owner of the funeral home, has been trying to find a cemetery that would accept to bury Tsarnaev but was consistently turned down. This act, […]

What to do when someone dies

I’ve realized through being on the other end of the phone a lot, that people seem to kind of bumble their way through the process of making death arrangements. It seems to me that a lot of people don’t really know what they’re doing or what’s happening and instead, they just let themselves be instructed […]


Some people think it’s morbid to be reminded of your mortality, especially on your birthday. That’s stupid. Somehow (possibly by magic), I’ve staved off the cold, boney hand of Death for 27 years and I’d say I have just enough piss and vinegar in me for at least another 27 more.

Putting Shit into Perspective

Being a mortician entails seeing, smelling, and being asked to do gross things. Even with that being part of the job description… it doesn’t stop cognitive dissonance. Would you mind cleaning the crusted up blood clots from a complete stranger on the morgue table? “Sure, I’ll get to it after I finish typing this email.” […]

The Candid Death

Children have a way of thinking and communicating that is very candid. They don’t think in abstract, poetic concepts that shield them from what’s really happening, but instead are forced to embrace reality for what it is so that they can understand it. If you’ve ever talked with a child, especially under the age of […]

Death on the Radio

Two days ago, my boyfriend and I were driving to Lowe’s with NPR on in the background (what hipsters) when I heard the name “Sarah Sudhoff” come across the radio. She’s a photographer whose seminal pieces thus far are photos of the aftermath left at death scenes. Not really a typical Sunday-afternoon discussion piece for […]

Mortician’s Apprenticeship: How Do?

It can be said that the funeral business, as a whole, is at least 50 years behind the times at any given point. Probably the last time you heard about a profession that trains its practitioners with a master/apprentice relationship was in history class: Blacksmiths, leathersmiths, any other varient ending in -smith. I believe I […]